Splendour awaits all members.

Opulent facilities and a luxurious welcome is guaranteed for everyone that enters our majestic iron gates.

A luxury clubhouse, serving up the finest Scottish fayre creates a tranquil and inviting location for a meeting or a place relax after an exhilarating 18 holes.

Every member’s spouse has full golfing rights, along with all unmarried children under the age of 26, at no extra cost to the annual subscription. The club has strong family values, and we believe legacy is one of the most important aspects of our vision.

Securing Membership

Membership to The Renaissance Club requires an introduction by a current member or by contacting the club’s management.

Once the membership process is complete, the club will issue an invitation to join the club with the knowledge that on acceptance, the new member will enjoy many happy years here at The Renaissance Club. Rare Indeed.

Membership Enquiry

“The opportunity to join a great club in Scotland is the ambition of any discerning golfer.”